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Mini Mat – Alphabet
Mini Mat – Alphabet

Mini Mat – Alphabet


Use as a portable tummy time surface or under the high chair for easier mealtime cleanup. Also doubles as a wall hanging or educational tool.

MOM PRO TIP: Buy felt letters on Etsy, there are some made just for the size of this mat, and have your child match the felt or block letters to the letters on the mat.

Founded by best friends and moms Jess and Mare, Gathre is based in Utah and is ethically and responsibly made.

– Bonded leather mat backed with flocked suede which contains 28% genuine leather

– Measures approximately 38 x 38 inches

– Free of toxins, PVC, phthalates, and lead. CPSIA compliant


- Use a wipe, paper towel, or wet rag with gentle cleaner to clean the surface of the item

- Be sure to let your item dry fully before putting away

- Wrinkles can be released by laying flat, hanging, or steaming

- Do not machine wash or iron

- Avoid permanent markers or anything with heavy dyes

- Be careful with mineral sunscreens, as they may stain

-It is recommended to use extra caution when folding or cleaning printed mats as they are digitally printed on the leather.