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LOQ is derived from the surnames of Keren Longkumer + Valerie Quant. In 2011, the co-founders met while studying footwear design in Los Angeles. They immediately realized their mutual affinity for unconventional forms, proportions, materials and attention to detail. The duo founded LOQ in 2015. The intention is to redefine classics for the modern day woman.

The partners originate from opposite sides of the world, Valerie from Los Angeles and Keren from Nagaland. LOQ fuses California’s relaxed sensibility with the rich colors and textures of India. -LOQ

LOQ:Lazaro – Bombón Snake,ANOMIE

Lazaro – Bombón Snake

$425.00 $250.00
LOQ:Sol – Mostaza Patent,ANOMIE

Sol – Mostaza Patent

$350.00 $190.00
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