• multi-task body + shave oil

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    A combination of nutrient-rich natural oils and essential oils that do more than one job. Use this luxe, nourishing oil to moisturize your skin, shave your legs, remove eye makeup, and deep condition your hair. You'll glow all over and smell like a rose.

    Hand blended by Kara and Shea in Somerset, MA.

    // 100% natural/vegan/paraban-free/dye-free/sulfate-free

    // 4 oz glass flask with screw cap

    // Rose Essential Oil - Loved by many for helping minimize wrinkles and fading scars and stretch marks -- but also a fragrance that embodies love, opens the heart chakra, and puts you at ease

    // Vanilla Essential Oil - Subtle and warming, vanilla relaxes and calms the senses and is a perfect autumn compliment to fresh rose

    // Sweet Almond Oil - Suitable for all skin types. Balances the moisture in your skin; contains many vitamins including A, B and E; can provide relief from muscle pain and inflammation; and especially good for dry, sensitive skin (helps eczema).

    // Avocado Oil - Nourishes, enriches, and revitalizes the skin while rich in vitamin A, B1, B2, D, E, and amino acids.

    // Coconut Oil - Hydrates and softens skin while providing long lasting moisture

    // This product is final sale -- Face + Body products are not eligible for returns

    • multi-task body + shave oil
    • multi-task body + shave oil

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