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Helena Haddox:Porcelain Hair Clips – Mint,ANOMIE

Porcelain Hair Clips – Mint

Helena Haddox

A set of two handmade porcelain hair clips in a minty seafoam.

Made by hand from porcelain by Helena Haddox in Austin, TX.

The Process: Colors are added to the clay, rolled into slabs, and hand cut. Once dried, they are sponge to give a smoother effect and single fired to 2350 degrees, which takes around a day and a half. Once out of the kiln, the backings are attached using an epoxy.

– Approximately 3 inches long and 1 inch wide

– Ceramic hair clips are fragile but with proper care can last a lifetime. Store ceramic hair clips separate from other jewelry if possible. Avoid putting on or removing hair clips over hard surfaces in case you drop them. If your clip gets a scratch, wash it with a mild soap and water.