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Katie Kimmel x ANOMIE x Maddie Ross:Touch Hands, Touch Bodies Tee,ANOMIE

Touch Hands, Touch Bodies Tee

Katie Kimmel x ANOMIE x Maddie Ross

A special collaboration t-shirt with Katie Kimmel for Maddie Ross, one of the artists on our in-store ANOMIE playlist!

Maddie Ross is a Bay Area-native, LA-based artist currently touring with KT Tunstall throughout North America. She met her producer/girlfriend, Wolfy, in music school, and they've been writing songs and deconstructing the patriarchy ever since. In 2016, they released Maddie's sophomore EP, "Making Out is Easy" on their imprint "Sentimental Records". In 2017, Sentimental released the single "You're Still My Sugar", which landed Maddie the #48 slot on Billboard Staff's "Top 50 Songs of 2017 So Far" and later, Billboard Staff's "#9 Rock Song of 2017". And now... "Touch Hands, Touch Bodies" reflects on coming out and the progression of her relationship with her girlfriend.

BONUS: Every shirt comes with a hard copy CD of Maddie's EP, "Touch Hands, Touch Bodies"

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Listen to Maddie on our ANOMIE SS18 Spotify Playlist and FW18 Spotify Playlist

Heat-pressed by Katie Kimmel in the Mojave Desert, CA.

– 100% Cotton T-shirt 

– Unisex fit