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Ryan Patricks:you're not helping...,signed by the author
Ryan Patricks:you're not helping...,ANOMIE
:you're not helping...,ANOMIE

you're not helping...

Ryan Patricks

Ryan Patricks is an aspiring comedy writer and Philadelphia native who currently resides in San Francisco, CA. His book, You’re Not Helping… is a collection of short comedy articles that guide you through his delightful, inventive, and often nonsensical take on everything from attention-seeking dolphins to home invasions by the Barenaked Ladies. You’re Not Helping… blends both humor and heart in what literary critics around the world are describing as “technically a book.” Join the 10s of readers worldwide enchanted by Ryan’s unique brand of wit with your very own signed copy.

Hand typed with an exasperating hunt and peck style in various coffee shops around Philadelphia and San Francisco by Ryan Patricks.

// Available either as a signed copy or personalized and signed copy (please leave a note on the checkout page or email hello@shopanomie.com if you would like it to be personalized to someone other than the shipping addressee!)

// 168 pages

// Published by Story Merchant Books / Beverly Hills, CA