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Collaborations + Exclusives

One-of-a-kind, exclusive, limited edition, and/or collaboration pieces between designers and ANOMIE.

One of the joys of working with smaller, independent designers is their openness and excitement to creatively collaborate on unique and individual pieces that cannot be found anywhere else. Whether it's coming up with a whole new shape and style or seeing an existing design in a different color or material, I am very grateful for the opportunities to work closely with brands and designers I love to create something perfectly fit for ANOMIE and, ultimately, you!

BDB:One of a Kind Vase – 4.9,ANOMIE

One of a Kind Vase – 4.9

BDB:matte asphalt ring cone,ANOMIE

matte asphalt ring cone

Out of stock
BDB:matte asphalt stud cone,ANOMIE

matte asphalt stud cone

Out of stock
BDB:large matte asphalt stud dome,ANOMIE

large matte asphalt stud dome

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