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THINX:Period-Proof Underwear – Thong,ANOMIE
THINX:Period-Proof Underwear – Thong,ANOMIE

Period-Proof Underwear – Thong


Holds half of a tampon's worth of blood. 

I love THINX and have been wearing them for years. They are super helpful as backup on heavy days, for nighttime, and as the sole protection on light days. Since I would need to change the underwear a few times during a full day at work at the start of my period, I prefer to still use tampons in conjunction with THINX!

– Body: 89% nylon, 11% elastane / Gusset: 95% cotton, 5% elastane; middle breathable PUL

– Best Care Practices: rinse first, place in a mesh laundry bag, and then cold wash and hang dry. No bleach or fabric softener.

– Available for purchase with in-store pickup only - cannot be shipped