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Just Female

Just Female was established in Copenhagen, Denmark in December 2006 by Penille Andersen (Designer & Brand Manager) and Owners Preben Laust and Steen Holtermann (co-owners). The first collection was launched at the Copenhagen Fashion Fair in February 2007.

Just Female is the combination of clean lines and raw details -- truly unique and edgy designs. Four annual collections allow Just Female to work with various new qualities, prints, and colors; resulting in a full range collection presenting innovative and sophisticated styles completed with great outerwear and a separate accessories collection.

Just Female’s headquarters are located in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Just Female:Karin Roll Neck Turtleneck,ANOMIE

Karin Roll Neck Turtleneck

Just Female
Just Female:Merle Knit – Mountain View,ANOMIE

Merle Knit – Mountain View

Just Female
Just Female:Sophie High Neck Knit – Pumpkin Spice,ANOMIE

Sophie High Neck Knit – Pumpkin Spice

Just Female
Just Female:Rebelo Knit Cardigan – Mountain,ANOMIE

Rebelo Knit Cardigan – Mountain

Just Female
Just Female:Code Knit – Mountain,ANOMIE

Code Knit – Mountain

Just Female
Just Female:Rebelo Knit – Grey Melange,ANOMIE

Rebelo Knit – Grey Melange

Just Female
Just Female:Brix Dress,ANOMIE

Brix Dress

Just Female
Just Female:Alma Knit – Navy Blue,ANOMIE

Alma Knit – Navy Blue

Just Female
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Just Female:Ady Long Sleeve Blouse,optical white / medium

Ady Long Sleeve Blouse

Just Female
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